Turns nose up at the dish of water inside that is refreshed daily. Finds dirty puddle that has been sitting around for a week collecting gunk and yuck.

Cats are weird.

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Uber’s Path of Destruction – American Affairs Journal:

Most public criticisms of Uber have focused on narrow behavioral and cultural issues, including deceptive advertising and pricing, algorithmic manipulation, driver exploitation, deep-seated misogyny among executives, and disregard of laws and business norms. Such criticisms are valid, but these problems are not fixable aberrations. They were the inevitable result of pursuing “growth at all costs” without having any ability to fund that growth out of positive cash flow. And while Uber has taken steps to reduce negative publicity, it has not done—and cannot do—anything that could suddenly pro­duce a sustainable, profitable business model.

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  1. Hung out with the kids while they sidewalk-chalked in front of our house
  2. Cheered my wife on as she ran her first 5K on a route that goes right though our neighborhood
  3. Walked into town for the farmers market, then stopped in at the new bakery shop that just opened; ate a chocolate-pistachio croissant fresh out of the oven
  4. Watched a couple of bands play and drank good beer from a local brewery at a festival in the park
  5. Grilled dinner, then walked back into town with the kids for ice cream

Not half bad.

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Ugh. I hate trail running.

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I was just reading an article about a plan to demolish Columbine High School to prevent copycat threats and attacks there.

Sure, this idea seems totally sensible, as opposed to, oh, I don’t know—maybe making it harder for people to get guns?

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The Alternate 2020 Scenario: Trump Loses | Talking Points Memo:

Trump has a number of advantages in his favor while the consequences of his possible reelection are so catastrophic that everything must be done to prevent it. But the constant repetition of the idea that Trump can be a complete maniac and buffoon but none of it matters because of the electoral college or other magic powers becomes at a certain point enervating and demoralizing for those who see the danger he represents and the necessity of his electoral repudiation. There’s little evidence to back it up. The truth is that we’ve all been collectively traumatized by the events of the last four years. Our judgment and perceptions are a bit off.

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Good evening for ice cream

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